your voice, your legacy, your value...your brand

How the right branding fuels your career

Out-position your competition

Putting you in your brand with custom career marketing tools that translate your voice and value into your unique selling proposition. That is how you differentiate yourself from the market while passing through all human and technology gatekeepers.

Prove your value without bragging

The professionals we work with are amazing at what they and they all have one  thing in common: they are terrible at talking about themselves.  Lisa easily facilitates a mind shift that puts you at ease in simply telling your story in any conversation or interaction. 

Stop playing it safe and be found

Safety is leaving yourself out of your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Or using your job description as bullet points thus hiding behind what you were hired to do (no one cares). This doesn't tell the world what you do (your real value) or showcase your uniqueness.

Your foundational Career Tools


This is your brand foundation. It captures your authentic value, voice and differentials in a compelling way.  It drives every other form of your brand. 

*Standard: Inactive, Reactive & Proctive


LinkedIn is a critical career tool.  It is where recruiters, hiring managers and B2B decision makers look first. It builds your brand, network and thought leader status.

*Standard: Inactive, Reactive & Proactive


Executive Level

CxO, President, Enterprise Owner, etc.

Resume Only: $1200

LinkedIn Only: $1000

Resume & LinkedIn: $1900

Senior Level

VPs, Directors, GMs, Department Heads, etc.

Resume Only: $1000

LinkedIn Only: $800

Resume & LinkedIn: $1600

High Level

Rising & non-executive managers 10+ yrs experience;

Advanced degreed professionals 5+ yrs experience

Resume Only: $797

LinkedIn Only: $600

Resume & LinkedIn: $1247

Mid Level

High performing, non-management, technical professionals with 3-9 yrs experience

Resume Only: $597

LinkedIn Only: $500

Resume & LinkedIn: $997

Additional branding tools

Value Proposition Letter (VPL)

A short, focused letter demonstrating your value. Written to a specific or various companies, target areas or audiences without a specific job in mind. Variations: Interest, Broadcast, or Prospecting Letter. 

* Standard: Proactive | Add'l Fee for Inactive/Reactive

Cover Letter

Written in response to a specific position a company.  A variation is the Referral Cover Letter which targets a specific position while mentioning who referred you.

* Standard: Reactive & Proactive | Add'l Fee for Inactive

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Keep momentum going after the interview; reinforce your interest, make up for a not so stellar interview, position you for the next step.

*Standard Opt: Reactive & Proactive | Add'l Fee for Inactive

Reference List

A list of your professional references formatted in line with your brand.

*Standard Option: Reactive & Proactive 

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Dramatically strengthen your value ensuring excellent references supported by an amazing multi-use branding  collateral. Reference vetting available. 

*Additional Investment

Networking Letter

Written to a person requesting assistance or advice, primarily in the form of an Informational Interview to gain insight and information regarding a position, industry or job search. 

 *Additional Investment

Each Additional Tool as a stand alone is $150 with the exception of the Reference List which is $50 and Reference Check & Personally Branded Reference Page which is $500.

Now you know the tools, let's look at options

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