The Resume Process

Free Consultation

We begin with a free consultation to discuss your goals and options for you to make the right decision and invest in yourself with confidence.  

Informational Interview

Critical information is gathered and followed up with targeted, thought-provoking questions for discovery and clarification.   

 Upon receipt of your answers, the writing process will begin. 

The Rough Cut

This unformatted draft, delivered typically in 10-14 business days, is our foundation - and where we get ready for the fun to begin. 

Strategy Session

During this call, Lisa will ensure the high-level goals of voice and value have been met and then dive deep into market, industry, or job analysis, as well as your strengths, accomplishments, and differentials, to capitalize on where these intersect. Depending on the extent of the revisions, you will typically receive your revision within 5-7 business days. 

The Working Draft

Now design elements begin to come into play and after a strategy session, Lisa ruthlessly edits to create a clear, concise visually powerful representation of you and your brand. 

Why this is not the final – here is just one differential in working with Career Polish…. 


Customization & Target Training

We customize your working draft and create a companion Cover Letter to a specific job that you have provided with analysis and modifications to pass the three screening audiences: ATS systems, decision makers, and sorters. 

and we teach you how

You will learn how to analyze for key words, how to modify, and given simple free tools to make this process easy.   

The Resume Process - in Visuals

The Informational Interview


Extensive notes are taken during this session. It is intentionally guided as an informal conversation to best discern your voice and your value.  Follow up questions will follow to dig deeper. 

The Rough Cut


This initial copy focuses solely on content, normally providing only the experience section.  Our goal is to enure we have captured your voice and value before the real fun begins!

The Working Draft


After our strategy sessions, your resume begins to take life. Here is where we introduce design elements and start fine tuning the writing.

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