The Resume & LinkedIn Process

Introduction.   We  begin with a free consultation to discuss your goals and options for  you to make the right decision and invest in yourself with confidence.

Pre-Interview.  Prior to information gathering, it will be required to complete Goals & Target - a very short, directed list of questions to establish our framework. This will expedite the process.

Information Gathering.   This is an informal conversation where Lisa will talk with you one-on-one to gather  critical information. Any follow up will be an email of targeted, thought-provoking questions for discovery and clarification.   This will require a time commitment from you to complete these questions completely.  They are vital to the relevance and differentiation of your brand.  Upon receipt of the completed information - and any additional requested data -you will receive the Initial Draft or Rough Cut.

Initial Draft/Rough Cut. Once we delivery this ugly baseline draft (our foundation) we'll set up the Strategy Session to get ready for the fun  to begin. This draft is typically delivered within 10-14 business days after the  beginning of the writing process dependent upon the extent of  information, timelines, and scheduling.   

Strategy Session.   During this call, Lisa will ensure the high-level goals of voice and  value have been met, as well as an alignment of market, industry, and job  requirements to your strengths, accomplishments, and differentials. Turnaround time from this call is dependent upon the extent of the  revisions, no more than 5-7 business  days.

Fine Tuning. Here is where form and function meet, the design elements are now integrated. We may also engage in challenging for greater clarity.  This stage may involve a series of calls to drill down to our exact branding target through ruthless editing for your powerful brand to emerge. 

We're not done! Here is just one differential in working with Career Polish….*

Bonus Collateral: Having  a fantastic resume is great, but knowing how to use it is invaluable.  That is why we will customize your resume and create a  targeted companion Cover Letter to one specific job that you have provided.


Strategy Training. During this final strategy session, Lisa will teach you how to modify your resume for future opportunities. Learn how to analyze a job description, identify keywords, modify your resume to pass the ATS system. 

*Not available if you chose the Resume Only option.