The Resume & LinkedIn Process

Introduction.   We  begin with a free consultation to discuss your goals and options for  you to make the right decision and invest in yourself with confidence.

Information Gathering.   During  this strategy session, Lisa will talk with you one-on-one to gather  critical information. After this phone call, you will be emailed  targeted, thought-provoking questions for discovery and clarification.   Upon receipt of your answers, and any additional information (i.e.  performance reviews, statistics, target job postings etc.), the writing  process will begin.

Initial Draft. This  baseline draft is our foundation - and where we get ready for the fun  to begin. (Yes, we do believe this is a fun and empowering process.)   This draft is typically delivered within 10-14 business days after the  beginning of the writing process dependent upon the extent of  information, timelines, and scheduling.

Strategy Session.   During this call, Lisa will ensure the high-level goals of voice and  value have been met and then dive deep into market, industry, or job  analysis, as well as your strengths, accomplishments, and differentials,  to capitalize on where these intersect. Depending on the extent of the  revisions, you will typically receive your revision within 5-7 business  days.

Fine Tuning. During  this call, the design elements that have now come into play will be  discussed, as well as clarity through challenging.  This stage may involve a series of calls to drill down to our exact branding target. After these sessions,  Lisa ruthlessly edits to polish your working draft into a clear,concise  visually powerful representation of you and your brand. (For LinkedIn,  it is at this point that your profile will be ready to publish with the  strategy training session to follow).

Why this is not the final – here is just one differential in working with Career Polish….

Exact Targeting. Having  a fantastic resume is great, but knowing how to use it is invaluable.  That is why we will customize your working draft resume and create a  targeted companion communication piece (Cover Letter/Value Proposition  Letter) to a specific job that you have provided. We conduct an  extensive analysis of the job description, modifying your resume to pass  the three screening audiences: ATS systems, decision makers, and  sorters.

Strategy Training. During this final strategy session, you will learn how to analyze a job description identifying and screening key words  and phrases, screen your resume for these words/phrases and strategies  for modification. You will be provided valuable free tools to make this  process easy.  (For LinkedIn, this strategy session is to discuss  strategies and techniques to leverage the power of LinkedIn and your  brand).