Resume & LinkedIn Terms & Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions for resume and LinkedIn writing. Career Polish, Inc. and its representative Lisa K. McDonald are hereafter collectively referred to as “CP”.   Upon engagement, each client will be sent these Terms & Conditions with Services provided and Fees detailed per the engagement. 

Confidentiality & Accuracy

All information discussed between Client and CP will be held in strict confidence and used only with the consent of Client to create said agreed upon documents and work products. Client agrees to provide truthful, accurate, and complete information and holds harmless CP for any mistruths, misrepresentations, errors, omissions, inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information in the prepared materials as Client is required to review the materials and approve the entire content. CP is not responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information or consequential damages of any kind that Client may incur from inaccurate documents. 

Project Commencement 

Writing commences upon CP receiving full payment and Client’s answers to follow-up questions and any requested documents after completion of Informational Interview(s). Submission of information and payment secures Client’s position in CP’s project rotation. Client understands that writing is a creative, personalized service, and as such, payment is nonrefundable and cannot be canceled except as outlined in this Terms of Conditions. Client agrees that by making payment to CP for services constitutes acceptance of this Terms of Service. Failure to read the Terms of Service in its entirety does not constitute waiver of the Terms or its application.

Project Completion

Writing will be completed in a timely manner with an emphasis on quality over quantity. If the time frame needs to be extended to unforeseen circumstances, CP will advise Client of any additional time needed. In general, initial documents will be provided within 10-14 business days of receipt of payment, responses to the Informational Interview follow-up questions, and any required documents barring any delays due to CP’s current project schedule. Delays in returning the completed Informational Interview follow up questions and requested documentation may result in the project being moved later within the project schedule. Revisions and edits for writing projects take approximately 5-7 business days. 


CP cannot guarantee interviews, jobs or career outcomes due to fluctuations in market conditions and the responsibility for aggressively partaking in the jobs search process is the responsibility of the Client, including properly applying for qualifying positions for which the Client meets the requirements. Additionally, CP is not responsible for Client’s use or non-use of the documents provided.

Intellectual Property 

The above referenced material will be the property of Client and intellectual property of CP; however, Client agrees to allow CP to use some or all of said material in promotional materials, publications or submissions with all personal and employer specific information to be changed to protect the identity, integrity, and privacy of Client and Client’s current/former employers. 

Proofreading & Editing 

While CP will make every effort to ensure that the career documents are 100% free of errors, proofreading is the responsibility of Client. 


Client acknowledges and understands that the project price is based on the complexity of the project and takes into account CP’s expertise, skills, and time encompassing Client intake time, including e-mails back and forth between CP and Client concerning the project; content writing; strategy sessions, coaching including call/tasker preparation/review, assessment preparation/evaluation; typesetting/design/layout; and proofreading and editing. 


Client acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel project, a penalty will be assessed as follows: cancellation after project payment, but before writing has begun: a full refund will be made less any merchant processing/PayPal/financial institution transaction fees and a 10% cancellation fee; cancellation after project is paid for, but before Rough Cut is provided to Client: 50% of total project price is retained by CP; cancellation after Rough Cut is provided to Client: 100% of total project price is retained by CP.

Future Revisions

There will be no charge for updates within six months of acceptance of a position. After six months, a nominal fee (of no less than 20% of original fee) would be charged for CP to complete revisions. The fee is subject to change due to length at new position and extent of the edits required. This fee will be determined, discussed, and agreed upon between CP and Client prior to commencement of said update(s).

Fee & Payment

CP utilizes PayPal Online payment system. PayPal accepts debit and credit cards if Client does not have or wish to create a PayPal account. Client will be invoiced after completion of the Informational Interview. Payment is required prior to the release of any material by CP. Payment is expected in full – unless Client is eligible and chooses payment option provided by PayPal.

PayPal offers an installment option with no interest if paid within six months, subject to credit approval, for US customers only. To choose this option, select ‘PayPal Credit’ at checkout when paying the invoice and submit an application. PayPal has indicated that generally, approval/denial determination is provided in less than one minute. (CP is in no way affiliated with PayPal’s payment option, credit approval or terms and conditions of payment arrangements and thus not held liable for any transactions or agreements between PayPal and Client.)