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Your story. Your voice. Your value.  =  Results

Full Resume Service:

  • Customized Resume & Cover Letter 
  • Proof of passing ATS
  • Thank You Letter & References
  • Expert training: learn to pass ATS 

Also Available: 

1-on-1 Resume Coaching Sessions

Single target ATS approved Resume/Cover Letter

LinkedIn Profile

The Why

Why expert help matters in out-positioning your competition.

The Process

A step-by-step overview of what to expect, what's included, the one timeframe, and more. 

The Details

Links including award-winning & published before/after resumes (cavate: yours will be unique to you).

The Options & Investment

One-on-one coaching session, single target, or full service Resume / LinkedIn options.

The Ala Carts

Stand alone options to support your needs

Why invest?

Why invest?

Why invest?

Here's what your resume is contending with: 

  1. There is no one size fits all resume
  2. ATS* systems reject up to 75% of resumes
  3. The first human gatekeeper gives it maybe 6 seconds
  4. The decision maker doesn't believe you 
  5. People hate reading resumes

*ATS = Applicant Tracking Software - the software used by over 99% of Fortune 500 companies to scan your resume to either allow it to pass to the next gatekeeper or to reject it with a cold, automated "Dear John" email.

Why Lisa

Why invest?

Why invest?

Her clients get results because she:

  • tells your authentic story, setting up the next conversation
  • shows you how to demonstrate without bragging
  • is the only expert to teach you how to do what she does


  • Award-winning, published Resume Writer 
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach & Digital Brand Analyst with 20+ years' successes. 

Welcome packet.  To establish our framework and expedite the process. 

Information Interview.   An informal 1 hour call with Lisa to gather intel.

Follow -up.  Targeted questions for further discovery and clarification.    


Initial Draft/Rough Cut.  The foundation of your brand.

Strategy Session.   This is where the fun begins! A deep dive to ensure goals were met: voice, value, market/industry/job alignment and strengths, achievements, differential demonstration. 

Revisions. Turnaround depends on extent. Typically 48 hours.

Fine Tuning.  Form and function meet: design is now integrated and ruthless editing comes into play. Communication will continue to drill down for your exact, powerful brand to emerge. 

We're not done! One of our key differentials for full service resumes, we include:

Bonus Collateral: Having  a fantastic resume is great, but knowing how to use it is invaluable.  We will customize your resume and create a  targeted Cover Letter to one specific job that you have provided.


Strategy Training. During this final strategy session, Lisa will teach you how to modify your resume for future opportunities. Learn how to analyze a job description, identify keywords, modify your resume to pass the ATS system. 

*Not available if you chose the Resume Only option.

Let's break down your salary for an average year.  

Your hourly rate is your salary divided by 2,000 (average hours/year). 

Multiply this number by 8 for your daily salary.  (40 for weekly)

A $1,600 resume pays for itself in 2 days for an executive making $200,000 

A $800 resume pays for itself in less than a week for a high performer making $50,000 with only 3 years of experience.

On the other hand, a delayed job search by not passing through the three levels of gatekeepers can cost you thousands a week.  

The cost of your resume

Full Service Resume / LinkedIn

Scroll below to find your career level. LinkedIn included or stand alone.

"Disc" prices reflect COVID-19 special discount pricing - up to 20% Resume & LinkedIn Services.

One Time Target

Do you have a specific opportunity that you need your resume to speak to?

If you want to make sure to get through the three gatekeepers, we offer a customized resume, cover letter, proof of passing the ATS system  one time need:

Executive Level $1200 - Spring (COVID) discount $1000

Senior Level $1000 - Spring (COVID) discount $800

High Level $700 - Spring (COVID) discount $600

Mid Level $600 - Spring (COVID) discount $500

One-on-One resume coaching

A full session dedicated to your specific resume need(s).

Schedule this session to receive expert guidance and assistance from Lisa on your specific needs from rewriting headings, creating value-focused bullet points, determining flow of information, formatting, design, whatever you want to cover as time allows in each session.

Individual sessions: 

Length 75 Minutes

Cost: $150 (COVID disc ~ 15%)

Cover Letter

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Written in response to a specific position a company.  A variation is the Referral Cover Letter which targets a specific position while mentioning who referred you.

* Ordered separately $125

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Keep momentum going after the interview; reinforce your interest, make up for a not so stellar interview, position you for the next step.

*Ordered Separately $125 

Resume Customization

Thank You / Follow Up Letter

Value Proposition Letter (VPL)

Customize your resume toward a job posting, complete with ATS evidence for confidence in passing this critical step.

*Resume written by Career Polish $150

Resumes not written by Career Polish $300

Value Proposition Letter (VPL)

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Value Proposition Letter (VPL)

A short, focused letter demonstrating your value. A key component in the hidden job market strategy.  Variations: Interest, Broadcast, or Prospecting Letter. 

* Ordered separately $150

Reference Page

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Complete your branded collateral with a reference page synched to your personal brand. 

*Order Separately $50

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Reference Check & Personal Brand Reference Page

Dramatically strengthen your value ensuring excellent references supported by an amazing multi-use branding  collateral. Reference vetting available. 

*Additional $500 Investment

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