When speaking publicly, wouldn't it be great to...

Feel more confident? Connect to your audience? Be comfortable in front of large and small groups? Improve your persuasion or influencing skills? Engage the audience? 

Get ready to learn how. 

27 Million Americans FEAR public speaking

That does not include people who are uncomfortable by speaking in public.  Most often the biggest fear across the dislike to fear spectrum is that no one wants to look foolish. 

It can hurt your career

According to a publication by Columbia University, it can :

- Create a 10% wage gap - getting paid 10% less than others.  

- It can decreases your ability to obtain a leadership position by 15%.

Let us help you shine and deliver as a speaker or presenter

Below are the topics we cover during public speaking coaching.  Topics may be combined to create a personalized coaching plan that meets your needs. 

Sessions are $150 for 75 minutes. Each covers between one and three sessions depending upon coaching needs.  Set up your free consultation now to determine your best plan of action and let us bring the fun and confidence back in your public speaking!

public Speaking Options

We personalize your coaching plan selecting from these topics:

  • Own your purpose   
  • Connect to your content   
  • Master your mind, calm your nerves   
  • Pinpoint and mange your challenge(s)   
  • Presentation plan of action   
  • Recognize body language - yours, audience   
  • Use your voice to enhance your message   
  • Engage the audience   
  • Eliminate fear factors   
  • PowerPoint tips   
  • Content Creation Strategy & NLP     

Free Consultation

Schedule your 30 minute consultation now to discuss your needs and create your personal success plan.

What might a plan look like?

Each plan is tailored to your needs, goals and timeframes. Here are some sample plans: 

Foundation, 1 session covering content, master your mind, and plan of action.

Fine tuning, 2 sessions covering mind, content, challenges, body language and voice.

Optimal presentation, 3-4 sessions covering mind, content, challenge, purpose, plan, body language, voice, PowerPoint, and audience engagement. 

Creation and delivery, 5-6 sessions that cover every topic for you to create and deliver an amazing presentation including creating your content and supporting materials.