Persuade, inform, educate an audience with confidence and ease

Public Speaking & Presenting


When speaking, what do you want to be able to do?

Feel more confident? Connect to your audience? Be comfortable in front of large and small groups? Improve persuasion or influencing skills? Engage the audience? 

No matter what your goal is, we are here to help you achieve it!

You are not alone

Being in the spotlight or feeling all eyes on your can be unsettling to anyone. Approximately 27 million Americans have a fear of public speaking.  

This does not include people who really dislike or are uncomfortable presenting to a group of individuals. The bigger fear, which nearly every single person has when they have to speak in public is that no one wants to look foolish. 

The importance of public speaking for your career

According to a publication by Columbia University, fear of public speaking (as a social phobia) can negatively impact your career:

- Create a 10% wage gap - getting paid 10% less than others.  

- It can decreases your ability to obtain a leadership position by 15%.

How we help

We have four baseline programs to meet your needs from a single session to improve your skills to  a comprehensive strategy program that guides you through content creation to exceptional execution.   Let's bring the fun and confidence back into public speaking!

Let's get started!

Public Speaking Coaching Options


This coaching session provides the baseline of essential public speaking skills including: 

  • Getting over nerves & "bad habits"
  • Creating your winning presentation plan of action
  • Basic body language and voice tips

One 90 minute session. $150

Fine Tuning

You've spoken before and you are not too bad, and now there is a change in audience. Maybe it is a larger or smaller group, more formal setting or to higher ups at work.  Whatever the change, you just need a little find tuning to feel more confident. We've got you covered in these two sessions where we cover the following:

  • Discovering and diffusing your challenges
  • Mastering your mind
  • Connecting to your topic
  • Body language and voice

Two 90 minute sessions $300

Presenting Your Best

Our most popular option!

We coach you across all the critical elements of presenting  with practice sessions to transform you into a confident speaker. Sessions include:

  • Connecting to your topic
  • Body Language - hands, props, movement, and more
  • Voice - speed, pitch and more
  • Audience Engagement - introduction, while speaking
  • PowerPoint
  • Fear factors - ahs/ums, mistakes, forgetting your material, and more

Four 90 minute sessions $600

Content Creation & Delivery

For those needing assistance creating the right content and the coaching and practice to deliver it like a rock star, we offer this comprehensive package that includes:

  • Three content creation sessions - giving your presentation structure with our five step strategy and using NLP to maximize your message
  • Body Language - yours and the audiences 
  • Your voice - a powerful tool
  • Engage your audience
  • Overcoming fears, nerves, and potential "mistakes"

Eight 90 minute sessions: 3 content sessions followed by 5 presentation coaching/practice sessions $1200