Proactive strategy

This is where you take control of your job search.  The Proactive strategy dramatically 

eliminates your competition by cracking the hidden job market. 

What's the hidden job market?  Although the numbers vary, it is the : 

50% - 85%  of available jobs in the US are not published or invisible to most job applicants

Positions influenced by word of mouth, recommendations or referrals. 

Positions companies don't even know they need yet. 

Positions that are in the process of being solidified, modified or created. 

This strategy option offers several strategic customizations and coaching 

as add ons to your Resume and/or LinkedIn creation.


Proactive Strategy a/k/a The Hidden Market Search Includes:

  • Stylized Personal Brand Networking Credential Collateral (Resume and/or LinkedIn)


  • Customization of your Resume & Cover Letter to a Selected Opportunity 

  • Thank You / Follow Up Letter

  • Reference List

  • Resume Relevancy Mastery Training Strategy Session (Lisa will teach you how to customize your Resume/Cover Letter for future opportunities)

  • Value Proposition Letter Creation (VPL) and Mastery Training

  • Three (3) Hidden Job Search Strategy Sessions, Topics include: 

Targeting the Hidden Job Market

Chose up to 3 Strategy Options

Developing a Personalized Plan

Tools & Processes


  • Unlimited Email Support Throughout Process


Just want the coaching so you can do it yourself- no problem!

Learn how to create and master a Value Proposition letter; develop your personalized job search plan, learn the best tools to use, how to map your goals and use the best processes to maintain accountability, metrics and execute fearlessly.   

All at an even lower investment as a coaching option - only $750!