Inactive strategy

Being prepared with the right personal branding collateral

If you aren't ready to actively search, but still want to be open and 

recognized for potential opportunities 

- or - 

you have a specific job you want to apply to right now

- or- 

you want to solidify and amplify your personal brand, this is the strategy for you


Inactive Strategy Incudes: 

  • In-depth One-on-One Personal Branding Strategy Session(s) with Lisa to clarify, refine and solidify your brand

  • Value-Based, Customized Professional Resume & ATS Relevant Resume for current focus if relevant

  • SEO Optimized LinkedIn Profile for current focus if selected


  • Unlimited Email Support Throughout Process

Resume Coaching Option

Work one-on-one with Lisa with a 75 minute session to get expert how-tos,  tips and suggestions that you can immediately implement on your resume.  Choose the areas you are most concerned about or decide together where to focus.

 $150 per 75 minute session