Fequently Asked Questions

What is included?

Although  each client and their needs are unique, we have created three separate  packages as a baseline ranging from just a resume and cover letter to a  full branding strategy plan that provides additional value at up to 10%  off their individual cost. Individual items are listed on the left.  Packages are described below.

What is the cost?

Your investment varies based on career history and position. We believe in transparency so pricing is provided with the package listings.

Other writers are less and some are more, why?

Our  prices take into consideration the level of expertise involved, time  invested in each project (no less than 15 hours for a resume for less experienced professional), customization for each client, your  level of experience, and the type of position you are seeking. Our  prices fall within the guidelines established by the Professional  Association of Resume Writers and the National Resume Writers'  Association for the level and expertise provided. Significantly lower  prices may indicate an operation who outsources their writing or is a  resume mill.

What is the timeline? 

For  completion, this will depend on the client's responsiveness and  situation. The only timeline that is guaranteed (withstanding any  unforeseen events) is that within 10 - 14 business days from receipt of  all initial information, your first draft will be delivered to you. 

Does Lisa specialize in any industry?

No.  Lisa has an extensive experience in the financial industry but chooses  not to specialize intentionally because it allows her to leverage her  natural curiosity and constantly research and remain up to date on the  critical components and measurables for her client's desired position.

Why don't you accept everyone on as a client?

"I  would love to help everyone, time-wise that is impossible. More  importantly, not everyone is ready," according to Lisa. "When you are  going through a major change in your life, like a career change, you  normally experience emotions similar to the five stages of grief. I  cannot help those who are still in the angry phase. They really aren't  ready to embrace the opportunity. Also, I'm the coach that tells you  what you need to hear, not fluff or what you want to hear. My job is to  help you remove obstacles, not make them prettier. I am high energy and  straightforward, my clients are amazing trendsetters, leaders, and those  that empower and value this investment in themselves and join in the  fun along the way. Yes, I really do think this is fun. I am so grateful  to be doing something that I absolutely love." 

Do you offer a guarantee?

"I make a commitment. I write your branding pieces until they are right and complete the goals we establish as a coach. I cannot  guarantee interviews, jobs or career outcomes due to   fluctuations in market conditions. I also cannot assume ownership of my client's jobs search activities or the use of their branding pieces.  "Lisa explains.