Is your company struggling to find

quality candidates?

The fault may not be in the stars, dear Brutus, but in your approach.  To compound the problem, it's very likely career experts may be guiding your ideal candidate away from you.

Let a career expert from the other side of the table guide you in changing the way you attract, and keep, your dream team.

Costs vs. ROI

How much does a bad hire cost?

How much more revenue will top talent bring?

How much more revenue will top talent bring?


The above stats are according to US Dept. of Labor and other studies. 

Related costs include sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, etc. 

How much more revenue will top talent bring?

How much more revenue will top talent bring?

How much more revenue will top talent bring?


Average revenue per employee is 40% - except for the top 25% of talent - their minimum is 65%. That's an extra $50k for a $200k/employee company.

Like attracts like.

If your message, position description, or approach is generic or archaic, that's what you'll attract.

Many quality candidates thoughts about their career path and job search have changed. They want more, not just 'a job'. The search is primarily focused on them and their strategy.  According to Lisa:

 "When working with top talent, I help them modernize their resume, demonstrate their value, speak in their authentic voice.  They become the most desirable, highly sought after candidates in very competitive markets. This gives them the edge - they have their pick of companies to chose from."

Will they select you? Are they even considering you?

If you are not getting the results you want, if your recruiters are struggling to attract quality talent 

then we need to modernizing your mindset, message, and methods. 

Let's build / Grow your dream team

Let Lisa guide your team on an eye-opening, lively journey bringing your recruiting message back to

Start-ups - to legacy companies and teams will benefit from these sessions. 

Seminar / Workshop Topics Include: 

Job Descriptions - modernizing by answering three simple questions

Internal Referrals - are they working for or against you

Screening - getting value from ATS & avoiding shiny object syndrome

Interviewing - process and purpose that truly reveal the two most important requirements

Blind Spots - recognize to eliminate unintentionally introduced bias

Messaging - where are you found, how your existing team represents