career coaching for clarity & Results

What's Next?

Not sure what you want to do next? Let's figure it out. 

This coaching package brings clarity by exploring your background to getting a baseline then identifying possible avenues, KPIs and alignment. Finally we create the strategy to blending your brand and target so you – and future employers – can  see you as a viable and desirable candidate


Feeling unraveled, unfulfilled or unbalanced between work/life/you ? Let's get clarity & some perspective. 

This coaching packages is designed to help you get clear by getting a grand overview of where you are, options of what you want, pinpoint frustrations, identify actions and  develop stepping stone solutions and hold up the mirror to help you get results. 

Internal Movement

If you are good with your company but ready to move up the internal ladder - let's step up your strategy. 

This coaching package is designed to bring laser focus as to what you want, your strengths to help you move up and identify any areas that need to be strengthened while creating a strategy to get you noticed and elevated within your current employer. 

The above packages are a minimum 3 sessions. Actual strategy, plan and sessions are to be agreed upon before coaching begins. Each sessions is 75 minutes.

Packaged sessions $150 per session.  Minimum investment $450.

Additional career enhancing coaching

Interviewing & Negotiation