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 strat·e·gy /stradəjē/ A plan of action to achieve a major goal   

Our 3 step process

A clear goal - A clear brand - A clear strategy

You have the want. We have the strategy. Together we create your desired career reality.

If any of these ring true...

- I know what I want to say, but not how to say it

- I should be getting more responses, views, opportunities, clients

- I’ve never had to look for a job/opportunity throughout my career 

- I’m ready for a change, but don’t know how to make it happen

- I like my company, I just want to move up or have more impact

- I want something more, but don’t know what or even how to start

- I want to target a new industry/career, how do I tailor my past

- People don’t see me professionally for who I am or what I can do

- I want to be a more effective, influential speaker

- I want to connect with people (clients, staff, leaders) better

- I want to interview better

- I want to be a better leader

- I want to expand my network

...you’re at the right place.


Where to go from here: Job Searching or Career Enhancement

Job Search 3 interrelated elements

Clear goal

Branding tools (Resumes, LinkedIn, Letters, etc.) 

Your effort (Inactive, Passive or Active Strategy)

Career Enhancement individual coaching for specific needs

Career Clarity



Public Speaking


Why all the options?

Because having only an engine won't get you where you want to go

Your baseline personal branding (Resume, LinkedIn, etc.) is like the engine of a car. It's the core. But without the transmission, body, gas and other parts, that car isn't going anywhere.  

The additional parts - strategy, interviewing, negotiating, career coaching etc. combined give you a full set of tools and the power of how to use them to achieve your goals. 

The choice is always yours and we will support you; however we will not shortchange you by neglecting to inform you of your options and their benefits. 



Job Searching

I want to be ready

I want to strengthen my personal brand, positioned to 'be found' and be prepared without actively looking 

or I have a specific job I want to apply to now.


based on career levels without job search support


I want to respond

I need or want branding tools (Resume/LinkedIn), my primary search activities will be responding to job boards and maybe talking to my existing network.  

This is an add on strategy option with customization for a target position and additional coaching in addition your Resume and/or LinkedIn creation.


I want to take control

It's estimated 50% - 85% of jobs aren't visible to job seekers. I want to learn how to tap this market, shorten search time, with better results.

This add on  strategy option offers strategic customization for a target position and additional coaching in addition to your Resume and/or LinkedIn creation to crack the hidden job market. 


career enhancement

I've interviewed but not received offers or I need interview prep to nail it

 With a range of interview assistance options, we have just the right tools you need to shine in your interview. We have negotiation coaching for your best offer.

take me to Interviewing

I want to improve my connectivity, influence, delivery and speaking skills

Tongue-tied to silver-tongued, we can help any professional improve their public speaking delivery, confidence, audience connection and influence. 

Take me to Public Speaking

I want to expand on or build my professional network

"It's not what you know but who you know" … but how do you get to know them? With building and expanding your network coaching and training.

Take me to networking

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Bootcamps & Self-Paced Learning!

 The benefit of coaching and training - at a discounted! Monthly boot camps and self-paced training options!

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your success Tools


Resumes | LinkedIn | Bios | Social Media 

Cover Letters | Value Proposition Letters

Thank You Letters  | Networking Letters

Informational Interview Communication

References | Recommendations

Thought Leadership Articles


Hidden Job Market Job Search

Resume Customization 

Brand Identification/Clarification Exercises

Career/Balance Goals Identification/Clarification

Goal Achievement Accountability Program

Career Coaching | Interview - Negotiation Coaching

 Public Speaking Coaching | Networking Strategy & Coaching 

Options: 1-1 Sessions/Packages, Bootcamps or Video Program

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Your Career Alchemist

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Executive Resume Writer
Executive Career Coach
Career Success Coach

Lisa K. McDonald - Turning job lead into career gold

Lisa uses nimble strategies, keen insight and confidence building coaching to transform client's boring corporate existence into outstanding levels of successes.  She straightforward, highly supportive and empowering.  Her background spans over 20 years across leadership,  coaching, and recruiting with extensive training, certification in Resume Writing, Career Coaching, Body Language and NLP, 

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