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Executive Career Services. Integrating Master Resume/LinkedIn writing, NLP & Body Language to solidify your brand and career.

Welcome to the Strategy of your career

strat·e·gy /stradəjē/ noun. A plan of action to achieve a major goal

You have a goal. We have the strategy.

If you are not exactly where you want to be in your career we can help by identifying and fixing your business communication breakdown.  Business is all about communication. And successful communication is a combination of three critical  language elements. 

This is the differential in working with Career Polish. Our founder and CEO, Lisa K. McDonald is the only career professional coach trained and certified in all three building blocks of communication: Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach, Social Brand Strategist, Body Language and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). 

She integrates these elements in career and leadership services. She leverages her expertise to empower her clients to achieve their goals. 

The Language of Business: 3 key elements

The Written Word

Resumes - LinkedIn - Professional Bios

Readers form an image of you based on the words you chose - is your image exactly what you want others to perceive? Let us help you redefine your brand in your voice demonstrating your value. 

The Spoken Word

Interviewing - Presenting - Networking 

The right words, tone, and patterns will influence, persuade, and engage your audience.  Incorporate NLP strategies into any speaking opportunity for enhanced success.

The Unspoken Message

Public Speaking - Leadership - Training 

Your body language screams what your words whisper. Subtle  changes in your mannerisms - and recognizing subtle changes in others will increase your influence and persuasion. 

Our Services

Resumes - LinkedIn

Your resume is not only a reflection of you and your value, but must also past through at least three gatekeepers. Your LinkedIn is a very different conversation that must fit within SEO parameters. We get you found and noticed with a comprehensive, unique process that results in personalized, strategic branding pieces. 

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

There are several opportunities throughout your career when partnering with a Career Coach will accelerate your progress: preparing for the next step, career change, figuring out what's next, improve work/life balance, enhance your professional image and more. We partner with you to create your personal career strategy.

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Public Speaking

Let us help you confidently connect better with your audience with improved body gestures and verbal delivery.  Engage, influence and persuade peers, associates or executives by learning to effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts. 

We also help you create content for those critical career presentations. 

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Interviewing - Negotiating

Your job in the interview is to convince them that you are the right fit for the job and the organization. We coach you in crafting your story, knowing how to answer behavioral questions, fine tune your body language, learn to read the interviewer, finish strong and negotiate for a win - all with confidence, ease, and credibility.

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Meet Your Career Success Coach

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


Combining 20+ years' leadership,  coaching, and recruiting expertise with training and certification in Resume Writing, Career Coaching, Body Language and NLP, Lisa has mastered the art of written, verbal and non-verbal communication to be known as   
The Business Language Guru ™.

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